Scope of Digital Marketing in India

Scope of Digital Marketing in India


Digital marketing is most demanding skill in today’s era. Every business needs a sharp edge to compete in the market. Many businesses have understood that the future of Advertising and Marketing will happen through the internet.

Hence many of the business have started allocating separate budgets for digital marketing where they require skilled people/agencies to capitalise on this trend and this demand is increasing day by day.

Many leading market research companies have given their stats/reports for India which indicates massive growth in this sector. Here are few bullet points which tells us where India will lead in digitisation

  • Internet user growth in India – You can find more info on this at –
  • Govt campaigns to push digitisation in India 
  • Low-cost Mobile phones and internet charges
  • Growth in Online Buying through e-commerce
  • User-friendly, convenient and transparent tech software and payment platforms.
  • Transformation of buying habits in India.

Indian digitization has become massive and this will grow further in coming years. A digitisation is no longer an option for businesses. If they wish to survive in this competitive era, they need to market themselves on digital platforms.