Transform your Business with us.

Social Media is the platform for companies small or big to communicate with their customers, reach across geographies and time zones and really listen to them. Many small businesses today still believe that social media is more for large and established brands and organisations. We hope to dispel at least some of these myths with our thoughts below:

  1. Make a start on Social Media

Start small but make a start… Its important to get out there are make a start, you could start with a just a Facebook page too and then add on to that. Create a page, fill in your business details, put up a profile and over pic and voila you are done. Managing the page may require you to get some help on creating content and scheduling etc. We are happy to help you get started and grow your business.

  1. Plan your Goals for Social Media

Its important to have a basic idea of what you expect to get out of your social media presence. Now we don’t want you to worry too much about this already. What we mean is a basic plan which lists your overall plan for Social media – Is it for Brand building, Customer Interaction, Customer Following, Online Reputation Management, Lead Generation, Sales etc.   One you have this settled we can get down to how we can help you with this and create the campaign accordingly.

  1. Focus on a Few Platforms

We suggest that you focus all efforts on a few platforms and not spread yourself too thin. Our recommendations are Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to begin with and then add YouTube, Pinterest to this. These will get you holistic way of reaching out to the goals you have set for your businesses social media presence. We will execute the plan as per the strategy that we have created for your business.

  1. Content is King

Once you have created your strategy and are live on all platforms, its imperative to also have engaging content that keeps your customers coming back and interacting with your platforms. Also important to see what competitors and other players in the market are focusing on so you remain relevant to your customers. We can help with creating from from eye-catching content, to Infographics, to blogs, to campaigns…







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