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Social Media is the platform for companies small or big to communicate with their customers, reach across geographies and time zones and really listen to them. Many small businesses today still believe that social media is more for large and established brands and organisations. We hope to dispel at least some of these myths with our thoughts…

Social Media make Brands Digital Marketing easy

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Social media is a boost for Digital Marketing. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest are the platforms that allow marketers to post their content and reach their target audience. It generates leads and allows marketers gauge the engagement, likes and shares of their brand. In the earlier days, marketers had to wait to release an ad […]

Scope of Digital Marketing in India


Scope of Digital Marketing in India   Digital marketing is most demanding skill in today’s era. Every business needs a sharp edge to compete in the market. Many businesses have understood that the future of Advertising and Marketing will happen through the internet. Hence many of the business have started allocating separate budgets for digital […]